The Names Of The Past Obas In Idanre.

The Names of the past Obas in Idanre. Idanre hill is one of the most awesome and beautiful landscapes in Ondo state and Nigeria. The town is one of the highest Cocoa producers in Nigeria. Idanre, formally called "Ufeke(Ife Oke)", a hilly town, a few kilometers away from Akure, the capital of Ondo state, is indeed a mysterious town. With the focus of Ondo state and National Government on tourism, Idanre is poised to emerge as a most sought after destination for Nigerian tourists and their international counterparts.

Idanre is rich with diverse culture and traditions, rare artifacts, things and places of cultural and historical significance and other interesting facts that may interest anybody visiting or reading about Idanre. Below are some of these facts:

The Names of the past Obas in Idanre.
There were 25 Obas who had ruled unbroken tenure at Oke Idanre before the present Oba Arubiefin the IV, who is 26th Oba in Idanre. The incumbent Oba today lives partly on the hills and partly at the present location at Odode.

The names of the past Obas in Idanre and some of their outstanding achievements are compiled by Chief S.A Akindoju and Mr M.O Olagundoye in 1962 in their pamphlet titled The History of Idanre are listed below.

  • Owa Agboogun led Idanre people from Utaja to Oke Idanre.

  • Owa Baganju, choses the site for the building of the old Palace at Oke Idanre.

  • Owa Beyoja successfully defended her territory against the invading Oyo Soldiers

  • Owa Jarugan, the son of Baganju

  • Owa Ogbogbomudu

  • Owa Agunmanyan is the first Owa of Idanre to visit Ado Bini or Osen.

  • Owa Amuwaro

  • Owa Bogede

  • Owa Sofin

  • Owa Oganyeri(Ajinamurobo maku)

  • Owa Oluodo

  • Owa Obojo

  • Owa Olugharere

  • Owa Resilebete

  • Owa Elegbehoho

  • Owa Ogedemeru

  • Owa Orile

  • Owa Yiworo, Alade market was founded during his reign

  • Owa Kulumo

  • Owa Arowojoye

  • Owa Ajikansekun

  • Owa Agunleye

  • Owa Arubiefin I (1832 - 1912)

  • Owa Gbolagbeye Arubiefin II (1913 - 1919)

  • Owa Adegbule Aroloye Arubiefin III

  • Owa Dr. Frederick Adegunle Aroloye JP. OFR. (1976 - till date) Obaship institution with crown was approved for Alade and Atosin.

Excerpts from Exclusive World Magazine and Tourism Development Network

IDG is currently working on her MAKANRE LEADERSHIP ROLE MODEL AWARD 2012.This award is aimed at honoring our heroes past and present both young and old who have contributed positively to the growth and development of our dear community (IDANRE).
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Tourism in Idanre
Among notable sites that catch the fancy of tourists are the unreadable letters, believed to be a mysterious handwriting etched on the rock, which could not be deciphered or read and interpreted by anyone since it was noticed conspicuously on the rock. Also, there is the Arun River, which is believed to have natural power to heal all kinds and manners of ailments and diseases, and it has been visited by many people over the years. The Agbogun footprint presents an attractive spectre of a mythical shoeprint which could fit into the size of anyone who put their foot into it, regardless of the size of their foot. It was disclosed that Agbogun served as a traditional investigative device for discovering people with witchcraft or other familiar spirits in the olden days. The ancient traditional palace, which is a reflection of the ingenious African architecture, is also interesting to behold.
The Landscape
Like the Himalayas and the Table Mountain in China and South Africa, respectively, the extensive mountains of Idanre give historical and mythical relevance to the inhabitants of the community, which they unreservedly pass across to hordes of tourists that troop to the amazing hill on a daily basis. It was revealed that the hills are so extensive that it may take a curious tourist one week to cover the entire plateau. Today, climbing to the zenith of the rock has been made somewhat easier with the construction of stairways that would take an average of 660 steps from the base.