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This is a platform for people to engage in social activities, promote business via free adverts and participate in photo contest to showcase the beauty of Idanre Kingdom and lots more.

Free Adverts

Idanre Portal provides a reliable classified adverts platform where interested users can create free adverts. These adverts will be published on www.idanre.net website and other affiliated websites. You need to register and begin to create ads in few minutes. Grab this opportunity and quickly create free adverts for your business, services and products now!

Idanre Photo Contest

Idanre is an ancient city with beautiful landscape. The photo contest is an online photo competition that showcase the beauty of the Idanre land. Anyone can register and upload 10 unique photo of Idanre landscape, Idanre day, Mare Festival and any other events relating to Idanre Kingdom.

The photo contest entails people (users) viewing and rating the photo. The best rated photo will be selected for the final stage of the contest. All what you need is to invite more friends to register and rate your photos. The best photos will be awarded and the profile of the person get published on Idanre Portal.

Further, ensure the photo is taken by you and its of good quality. Hence, the following requirements must be met.
  • The Photo must be in JPG, PNG or GIF format.
  • Maximum size of 2 Megabytes.
  • Any copyright abuse will disqualified you from taken part in the photo contest.
    Therefore, ensure its your snapshot you submit for the contest.

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